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I’m still trying to determine if I actually went to The PlayStation Experience San Francisco or if I was dreaming. This trip all happened within a matter of two days of planning. This was my second PlayStation Experience, and I hope that I can make this a tradition. My eyes were opened to a whole new world of games that I would have never bothered to pick up, if they weren’t there for me to explore.

The perk for me this year, would be that I would also be able to visit a longtime friend in California while there and she happened to attend the PSX as well! Shout out to FoE! Downside, we missed DJ ROBB who was a part of our FreQ crew last year.


Huge crowds swarm the Amplitude booth. FreQs small and large gather to feast upon the digital greatness that is Amplitude for PS4.

Instead of a sea of gamers filling the lobbies, it was more like a tsunami this year. I guess you could say, last year we were a bit spoiled with having more space and access to the Amplitude booth. This year, the booth was smaller and way more crowded. To give an accurate perspective, imagine trying to squeeze 15 people in a small restroom made for one person. It was a bit unpleasant but well worth it in order to catch a glimpse of Amplitude in its finished state and play a few songs.

Highlights were meeting everyone at the Amp booth including HMX Mudry, DeVron, Sasso, Ryan Lesser(briefly) and of course, Eric Pope! Shout out to DeVron for hooking it up with sweet Amplitude VIP lanyards. TIGHT!

I didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked at the Amplitude booth, but it was nice to see such huge crowds interested in the game. I thought this was more important than my own needs, but as I thought about it more, I decided that in fact, my needs were more important so I went back a few times, waited in line and played a few more games.


The Amplitude booth - PSX San Francisco

My favorite was Dalatecht! Insane. This track is killer. Every moment of playing was pure electronic bliss. As I approached the middle of the song, I was sure I was going to die simply because my adrenaline was pumping so hard to try not to miss a beat.

Playing through Synthesized was also another great moment. It was just as you’d expect it to be for a Symbion remix. It had more than enough elements to be recognized by FreQs combined with some new elements that will get both old and new FreQs excited. Props to Symbion Project!

The most extreme difference from this year to last year’s demo were the visuals. I was left in an Amplitude-induced coma within moments of gaining access to the game. It has been polished to perfection. Fans will be excited about the new textures that overlap on each track, which according to Sasso from Harmonix, has two textures, a geometric pattern with a crystallized texture on top of that to make for an extremely slick and futuristic effect. Naturally the beat blasters look stunning in every sense as well. See below.




Amplitude Greatness

FreQ Meet

A fellow Amplitude backer and Sasso - Art Director for Amplitude

Meeting other FreQs at these events for me, is the best part about the experience. We met a really excited backer and even a couple of cool FreQs (Miguel and John) who were down for an insane multiplayer game. I asked my friend to record our battle so now you can see and experience it for yourself. Keep an eye out for purple player (that was me).

“Purple Player Takes the Lead!”

My opponents were Resetti, Miguel and John (whom we met at the PSX) and it was relatively intense. The only thing that threw me off is I am still not familiar with how the power-ups look or where they appear on the screen, so I pushed Flow(similar to freestyle) by accident and I thought I didn’t have a multiplier. Looking back at the footage, I had a x4, so this helped me bump up my score. Nice!

The Complete Experience

What would the PSX be without mentioning some of my other favorite games at the event. In no particular order I present to you: My List of Games that I am currently still drooling over!

  1. Amplitude
  2. Thumper
  3. Life Goes On
  4. Gang Beasts
  5. Tumblestone
  6. EarthNight(I'm still unclear on exactly how to play or the concept, but it had great music and fun visuals.)

As for an added bonus, a new vision will soon be unleashed for AmplitudeOnline.com. The goal is user interaction. Stay tuned for great things just in time for the release of Amplitude. Until next time, fellow FreQs!

Continue if you wish to view the trailers for each game mentioned above!

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