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Originally my friend was supposed to go to the PlayStation Experience, but he backed out to go to a Thanksgiving dinner in Victorville. What’s worse about him not going is that I bought the tickets for him. I asked my sis if she would like to go, and of course she said yes. She ended up giving the tickets to my brother because she said he’d enjoy it more. He most definitely enjoyed it a lot. As long as I had my ticket, nothing was going to stop me from going.

As I arrived the lines were moving quickly (well not that fast but fast to where I didn’t have to complain about it.) I watched the previews for about twenty minutes and I started seeing people rush in to check out the games. My bro and I rushed in along with them to get the fun started. Other people were still watching the previews while we were already playing the games. :D

The Amplitude panel was all that I was looking for. When I found them I think I was the first one there. While I was playing Amplitude, I questioned Annette's cute self about the game and she spoke quite well for her team and for Amplitude itself. Although she said there will not be a remix mode, due to funds, my hope is higher than the universe that there will be one in DLC from the success they will get from this game because everyone loves and knows Harmonix. Annette also mentioned there will be a storyline that takes place in someone’s brain so Amplitude is gearing up with some unique stuff.

New friends and information

While playing other people, guess who shows up in their matching Run-D.M.C. shirts? Peach and Resetti. It’s still funny because as I was greeting them, they thought that I worked at the Harmonix booth. That was great. From this point we had to get our multiplayer as well as single player battle on. We met the Harmonix team and I got signatures from the ones that attended, it was too cool. Alex Rigopulos told me that Amplitude would have online features where only the highest scored players would display on the leaderboards. It will most likely change to where we all can compete online. This is definitely something I can’t wait for.

There was only one thing that bothered me about the new Amplitude and it was the uphill tracks. Sometimes the hill was too high to see the rest of the notes to complete the track. Overall, what I loved about the game was being able to play with other people. Oh and the music...don’t get me started about the music. Astrosight is amazing as well as Decode Me. You also get to choose your own ship and color to it. I’m telling you this game is going to become legendary!! And guess what?!!! We are all going to be a part of this new legacy, so I’m proud to say I’m a FreQ!!1one!!! :D

The experience of being a livestream player with Peach and Resetti for Amplitude was amazing! I almost did not get the chance if I wouldn’t have of met up with my friend Maurice. He had extra two-day passes and gave me one. Have you ever heard of the law of physics, meaning if you think of something long enough it would be drawn to you sooner in time and will meet up with you? Well, that’s exactly how I felt. I knew it wasn't over for me to leave. My instincts told me to stick around for something. In my mind all I was thinking about was figuring out how I was to going to get a two-day pass to get back in to play on the demo live stream. They had security up the ass, so I couldn’t have just run in full speed, check with the security at the door, dismantle their radios and break their metal detectors over their heads and say "all clear" over the radio and walk in safely. No sir, none of that. The law of Physics called out my name and asked what am I doing here?

To close this and reopen many great chapters to come I would like to thank my two new friends, Peach and Resetti for lunch. You are very kind and humble people. I would represent Amplitude with you guys any day. It definitely wouldn’t have been the same without you guys. It was great to meet diehard FreQ and Amp fans as well. We shared a lot of things in common. I’m also going to say that it was fun playing the demo but we still don’t know what to expect from the real thing. I just know it’s worth every second of my time and money to watch this masterpiece unfold. I also bought a PS4 and showered for this so it better be really good! :D

Thank you

Thanks to the PlayStation Experience for making this happen. Now my life is complete. Thanks to Harmonix for making this dream of a new Amp become real from the heart of the fans. Thanks to Peach and Resetti for letting me be a part of your lives and projects. You guys are the true FreQs that keep the heart beating in this community. The site is amazing! If I were to award you with anything, it would be FreQs of the century. No one can compare to the drive and passion that you have, so I thank you both for all that you do!

Thanks to all the backers! We made this possible because we couldn’t leave a gem lying in the rough. I thank you all for being smart on helping us all pick it up.

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