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Yo! What's up FreQs! We have released our 6th episode of the FreQcast and it is now available for download! If you have a chance please subscribe to us on iTunes and like and review the FreQcast so other FreQs can find it!

Amplitude Online FreQcast // Episode 6 - Spread the Word!

Peachio and Resetti talk about the Amplitude One-Handed Challenge, how everyone can promote Amplitude, and a special surprise topic for Peach. We also discuss our favorite nanoblasters and give a special shout-out to all of the users of the AmplitudeOnline.com forums

  • What is your favorite nanoblaster?
  • Promoting Amplitude
  • Amplitude One-Handed Challenge
  • Special surprise topic for Peach
  • Special shout-out to all of the forum users

Intro music is Break for Me as performed by James Landino ft. Noelle LeBlanc.

Forum user shout-out music is Supraspatial as performed by Jeff Allen ft. Naoko Takamoto.

Outro music is Dalatecht as performed by Pete Maguire ft. Noelle LeBlanc.

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