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Hello FreQs!

Our fifth episode of the Amplitude Online FreQcast is now available! Download the FreQcast today! We are now on iTunes! Like, subscribe, and review the FreQcast so that other FreQs can find it!

Amplitude Online FreQcast // Episode 5 - What Makes a FreQ?

Special guests Modo and DJ KNAI visit us from Houston for our Amplitude pre-release party and join us for this FreQcast! We talk about our first impressions of the new Amplitude, what makes a FreQ, and what introduced us to the FreQuency and Amplitude series. We also talk about our rivals on the leaderboards and invite old FreQs we haven't seen back to the community.

  • First Impressions of Amplitude
  • What Makes a FreQ?
  • What introduced you to the FreQuency and Amplitude series?
  • Who are your FreQ Rivals?
  • Our 3 favorite Amplitude HD songs
  • What was your first concert you ever attended?
  • What were your favorite bands and music you grew up listening to?
  • Modo talks about how FreQuency turned him into a musician
  • What FreQs that aren't around that need to come back

Intro music is Perfect Brain as performed by Jeff Allen ft. Natalja Kent, Noelle LeBlanc, Reba Mitchell, Naoko Takamoto, Chrissy Wolpert, M-Cue and Pete Maguire. Written by Jeff Allen.

Music clip is Shark Attack as performed by Freezepop

Outro music is Who Am I? as performed by Say Girl Say

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