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Forum user ecksonik has written a very detailed review on the new Amplitude for PS4 check it out below!

"Thanks to Resetti, Peach and Nick Mudry, I have been playing the early access of Amplitude! Here are my thoughts (forgive me if it's too long, I just have a lot of feelings about the game):

[Also, keep in mind that I have only played the 15 Campaign tracks and on Solo Play.]


- The game simply plays great on a DualShock 4 controller. As with many of you, I had my concerns with the R2 button, but I like it even more than the DualShock 2 R2 button. There's a handful of different controller presets for those who aren't used to the R2 button which I appreciate as well! Not to mention minimal lag with modern widescreen TVs, it feels perfect.

- The visuals are top-notch. Although the arena selection is rather limited, I love seeing the environments pulsate and react in true HD. I can't get enough of the Raven nanoblaster. I'll admit, it's the only one I've used despite completing the Campaign mode three times! The coolest effect I've seen is with the Sedate power-up (which is essentially Slo-Mo from the original Amplitude). Excellent graphics across the board.

- The game is freaking TOUGH. I welcome a challenge in a video game and I can't say I was surprised that the game would be extremely difficult on the Advanced and Expert difficulties but WOW, it takes skills to perform a 3-bar rating on these songs, especially in the Temporal Lobe (currently stuck on "I.C.U." as of this writing).

- The majority of the soundtrack being original in-house songs by Harmonix means that the gameplay side of things came first and not second, as opposed to certain songs in FreQ and Amp '03 where although a song may be fun to listen to, they are not necessarily fun to play. There's a lot of complex note patterns and rarely do any of the songs become stale even after many repeated listens.

- FreQ mode! This may be a small feature, but it's one that I cherish. I love that we get the option of both the tunnel and highway environments.


- The Campaign mission structure is utterly bizarre. Just to recap: there are three tiers, or regions as they're called in-game, each with five songs total -- three standard songs, one barrier song and one bonus song if you have achieved a minimum of 10 bars out of a possible 12 bars (you can earn up to a maximum of 3 bars in one song), meaning you can get away with only 2 bars if you don't do as well in a song or two. My main criticism is that once you are done with a song, you can never go back to it unless you select "Replay" in the Song Complete screen and try it again to get a better rating. So if you didn't know that ahead of time and you are suddenly at the barrier song and do not have enough bars to succeed and unlock the bonus song to progress, you will have to restart the Campaign all over again. It feels outdated and baffling that this is the method HMX chose for career progression, especially considering FreQ and Amp '03 allowed you to return to any previously unlocked song in the Game mode so that you can get better scores over and over again. Hopefully in a title update, HMX can change this to something similar to the current Quickplay Song Select screen so that you have access to any of the songs in all three regions.

- I have to echo the sentiment that's been spreading across all sites: the lack of Remix mode and online multiplayer. Hopefully if the game is successful, HMX may add these two modes as DLC but it'll require a lot of attention to the masses for it to be even considered. If not DLC, maybe a sequel. Who knows?

- One last thing I remembered to add (Peach mentioned it in her post!): the power-ups can be difficult to see at times. There's another weird thing that I do not remember was in the original FreQ/Amp where if you complete a 2-bar phrase and there is a power-up directly ahead of where your note phrase ended, you will receive that power-up. So let's say you have Cleanse (Autoblaster) in your inventory and are about to use it for the left-most drum track that you are far apart from. You are on a vocal track, just about to complete it when you see the Multiply power-up again directly after the phrase you are just about to complete. As you make your way to the drum track, Cleanse will be replaced by Multiply. Not sure how I feel about this as this has messed me up quite a few times when I expected a completely different power-up. Is this is a glitch or am I crazy and this was totally in the original game?

>>> Here's an example of the power-up thing in action. Not quite the two power-ups I wanted to present, but you get the idea: http://gfycat.com/HatefulClosedLadybug


- Oh man, there's so many to choose! I will have to cheat and give a handful of my favorites: "Break for Me", "Dalatecht", "Dreamer", "Energize", "I.C.U.", "Wayfarer", and "Wetware". "Wayfarer" may be an odd one to some of you but it's such a unique and weird song to play.


- "Human Love": There is something about this song that just doesn't click with me. I always dread having to play it during the Campaign. It is the ONLY song out of the 15-song HMX soundtrack that I'm not a big fan of.
Overall, despite my rather minute but noteworthy complaints, I am LOVING the game. It is an incredible feeling playing a brand-new FreQ/Amp game in 2015. It's been 12+ years and the wait was absolutely worth it. It is thanks to the care and support from over 14,000 backers and the HMX team for believing in the project and spreading the word across the internet. Great job, HMX!"

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