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Hello FreQs!

Today marks a momentous occasion, the beginning of a revolution for us FreQs. Today we begin the Amp Campaign, an online initiative geared toward existing fans in order to spread the word about Amplitude to new fans. How can you help? Below, we have outlined four steps to help push this revolution in our efforts to preserve and grow our community!


Phase 1: Break the Internet

In order to begin this initiative, we begin at the most basic level. Here’s what you can do:

So what’s in it for you other than helping to spread the word about the best rhythm game in existence? You could win a seriously dope Crypt of the Necrodancer - Exclusive Singing Shopkeeper Plush to cuddle with! One winner will be chosen at random! You must provide us evidence of your promotion efforts in the Amp Campaign Thread in order to be considered!

Winner will be announced February 29, 2016. Good luck, FreQs!

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Forum Link: Campaign Thread: Phase 1

Official Amplitude Facebook: www.facebook.com/AmplitudeGame/

Disclaimer: This is a fan produced initiative and is not endorsed by Harmonix. We just want people to experience Amplitude!