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  • Amplitude Online FreQcast // Episode 6: Spread the Word!

    Amplitude Online FreQcast // Episode 6: Spread the Word!

    Yo! What's up FreQs! We have released our 6th episode of the FreQcast and it is now available for download! If you have a chance please subscribe to us on iTunes and like and review the FreQcast so other FreQs can find it!

    Amplitude Online FreQcast // Episode 6 - Spread the Word! Peachio and Resetti talk about the Amplitude One-Handed Challenge, how everyone can promote Amplitude, and a special surprise topic for Peach. We also discuss our favorite nanoblasters and give a special shout-out to all of the users of th...
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  • PlayStation Experience Day 2!

    PlayStation Experience Day 2!

    The old axiom, “time flies when you are having fun”, is true. I had an incredibly fun time at the PlayStation Experience trying out many different games and of course checked on our favorite game Amplitude! As the PSX carried on, people continuously approached the booth and the crowds rarely died down. I returned to the booth as much as I could to catch a few games. I tried team mode 2 vs 2 with random gamers at the booth and had a ton of fun. Teammates have to work together so they are not in the way of each other however, they should be in the way of their opponents. I think team play is going to be such a big hit that I hope there will be official team tournaments in the future. The expert four-player free-for-all competition was fierce. The FFA games reminded me of playing the PlayStation 2 version of Amplitude online. The view of the two end tracks seemed fine. I didn’t feel a need to change the positioning of my head just to read the tracks like in the pre-alpha demo. Amplitude @ PSX Multiplayer Insane Mode During the downtime of the crowd I tried competing against Harmonix Dev and Amplitude Publishing Associate Nick Mudry while everyone was at lunch. Let me tell you Nick sure has some skills. I was caught off guard by how well Nick played and his use of the power-ups! Nick beat me on our first match together, but I did get to redeem myself in the next match. We did not have time for a tiebreaker match but hopefully that will come with the online leaderboards! Nick Mudry is a badass! On Day One of the PlayStation Experience I played through a few of the Amplitude songs and challenged myself to get the high score on the offline leaderboards for the song Decode Me. I did it and was surprised with a three-gold-bar rating. In the original Amplitude the highest rating that was possible was a four bar rating which was actually hidden. I believe three gold bars is the highest for the new Amp! Speaking of high scores, I was excited for the game Thumper to be at the PSX with a high score challenge. Crakhed's Challenge came to a climatic end with @Mr_Resetti and a clutch 802 crak score! Congrats! #PSX— THUMPER (@ThumperGame) December 7, 2015 Thumper is a really intense rhythm-violence game and I highly recommend it to all horror fans, all rhythm game fans, and anyone who loves racing games or action games. This game has it all! As you can tell from our previous posts and blog we really like Thumper. I had been going to the local Best Buy to play and finally beat the Thumper demo a week before the PSX. That really paid off because I won the PSX Thumper high score challenge! My weekend high score that helped me win a Space Beetle Chrome Dual Shock 4! Crakhed's Challenge came to a climatic end with @Mr_Resetti and a clutch 802 crak score! Congrats! #PSX— THUMPER (@ThumperGame) December 7, 2015 Thank you to the Thumper developers for delivering an outstanding game right on par with all of the styles of games I live for. I am preparing for countless hours of gameplay on Thumper! After obtaining the high score of Thumper other gamers still had 40 minutes to beat my score. During those last 40 minutes I ran into my gaming hero Saul Villegas! He was at the Thumper booth helping out with the card scanning machine. After he fixed the scanner I talked to him for a long time about how he is, what games he has been playing, and reminiscing about his “Cool Moves” videos! Saul even did a "Cool Moves" video for the original Amplitude! I also had a chance to get a picture with Marc Flury one of the two developers of Thumper! ...
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  • PSX San Francisco!

    PSX San Francisco!

    I’m still trying to determine if I actually went to The PlayStation Experience San Francisco or if I was dreaming. This trip all happened within a matter of two days of planning. This was my second PlayStation Experience, and I hope that I can make this a tradition. My eyes were opened to a whole new world of games that I would have never bothered to pick up, if they weren’t there for me to explore. The perk for me this year, would be that I would also be able to visit a longtime friend in California while there and she happened to attend the PSX as well! Shout out to FoE! Downside, we missed DJ ROBB who was a part of our FreQ crew last year. Huge crowds swarm the Amplitude booth. FreQs small and large gather to feast upon the digital greatness that is Amplitude for PS4. Instead of a sea of gamers filling the lobbies, it was more like a tsunami this year. I guess you could say, last year we were a bit spoiled with having more space and access to the Amplitude booth. This year, the booth was smaller and way more crowded. To give an accurate perspective, imagine trying to squeeze 15 people in a small restroom made for one person. It was a bit unpleasant but well worth it in order to catch a glimpse of Amplitude in its finished state and play a few songs. Highlights were meeting everyone at the Amp booth including HMX Mudry, DeVron, Sasso, Ryan Lesser(briefly) and of course, Eric Pope! Shout out to DeVron for hooking it up with sweet Amplitude VIP lanyards. TIGHT! I didn’t spend as much time as I would have liked at the Amplitude booth, but it was nice to see such huge crowds interested in the game. I thought this was more important than my own needs, but as I thought about it more, I decided that in fact, my needs were more important so I went back a few times, waited in line and played a few more games. The Amplitude booth - PSX San Francisco My favorite was Dalatecht! Insane. This track is killer. Every moment of playing was pure electronic bliss. As I approached the middle of the song, I was sure I was going to die simply because my adrenaline was pumping so hard to try not to miss a beat. Playing through Synthesized was also another great moment. It was just as you’d expect it to be for a Symbion remix. It had more than enough elements to be recognized by FreQs combined with some new elements that will get both old and new FreQs excited. Props to Symbion Project! The most extreme difference from this year to last year’s demo were the visuals. I was left in an Amplitude-induced coma within moments of gaining access to the game. It has been polished to perfection. Fans will be excited about the new textures that overlap on each track, which according to Sasso from Harmonix, has two textures, a geometric pattern with a crystallized texture on top of that to make for an extremely slick and futuristic effect. Naturally the beat blasters look stunning in every sense as well. See below. Amplitude Greatness FreQ Meet A fellow Amplitude backer and Sasso - Art Director for Amplitude Meeting other FreQs at these events for me, is the best part about the experience. We met a really excited backer and even a couple of cool FreQs (Miguel and John) who were down for an insane multiplayer game. I asked my friend to record our battle so now you can see and experience it for yourself. Keep an eye out for purple player (that was me). “Purple Player Takes the Lead!” My opponents were Resetti, Miguel and John (whom we met at the PSX) and it was relatively intense. The only thing that threw me off is I am still not familiar with how the power-ups look or where they appear on the screen, so I pushed Flow(similar to freestyle) by accident and I thought I didn’t have a multiplier. Looking back at the footage, I had a x4, so this helped me bump up my score. Nice! The Complete Experience What would the PSX be without mentionin...
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  • PlayStation Experience Day 1!

    PlayStation Experience Day 1!

    I hope everyone is pumped about Amplitude! We had a fun day of playing a bunch of different games at the PlayStation Experience and learned a lot about Amplitude! Read below for key points of the game. Peach and I were the first ones to show up to the Amplitude booth! Here is Harmonix team finishing the setup before releasing Amplitude upon the crowd! It was quite a pleasure talking to each person from the development team from Harmonix about their journey and their excitement for the game. It wasn't long before the Amplitude booth was packed to the brim with new and old FreQs alike! I heard the excitement from gamers winning and even from the ones that lost. It was great to see the competitive spirit brewing through this fun and addicting game. When I played the game I had to instantaneously find out what the song from the launch trailer was. The song is called Dalatecht and is so fun and powerful, it is already an instant classic. It was my favorite song of the day. By the way, every song except the backer exclusive track was available to play. Moving on to the gameplay, Amplitude plays exactly the same as before but there is a slight difference in the gameplay that is an incredible change to the game. When completing all the tracks on a given song, Amplitude players are used to moving all the way from the end of the highway all the way to the other end to keep the multiplier up. That is not the case anymore. The nano blaster automatically seeks the next available track in whatever direction you press no matter how far away the track is. It takes a new skill which I heard the Harmonix team call "streak seeking". This works amazing and is challenging because now if you are on the last track and need to go to the first you will definitely need to sightread and memorize at least a quarter of the next track to keep your streak up. Don't worry though it doesn't remove any challenges from before, and actually makes the music and gameplay flow even more seamless! Old players will have to make a minor adjustment but it is phenomenal. Everyone is really in for a surprise with the music. The song list is incredible. Let me repeat. The song list is INCREDIBLE!!! The wait is definitely worth it. The Harmonix specific tracks are awesome! We can't wait to play these through single player campaign as everyone has to wait for campaign mode on release (or early release). For the fans of Synthesized, Symbion Pro...
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  • Amplitude Online FreQcast // Episode 4 - New FreQ Friday

    Amplitude Online FreQcast // Episode 4 - New FreQ Friday

    Hello FreQs! Our fourth episode of the Amplitude Online FreQcast is now available! Download the FreQcast today! This episode features a new FreQ in the making featuring our friend Aaron who has no Amplitude experience. We taught him Amplitude this past Friday and critique him on his progress! Amplitude Online FreQcast // Episode 4 - New FreQ Friday The Amplitude Kickstarter Update # 37 Dedicated to the Haters/Supporters New FreQ Friday - We put our friend Aaron through a Amplitude training course live! BONUS We played the Thumper demo and talk about it! Intro music is Synthesized by Symbion Project. Outro music is Robo by Inter:sect ...
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  • Amplitude Unleashed! Peach's PSX Review

    Amplitude Unleashed! Peach's PSX Review

    Attending the PlayStation Experience was a dream come true. This was an amazing event and even more so because I was able to experience the new Amplitude first-hand! Mr. Resetti and I debated on going for a few weeks. Ultimately, it was the fact that Harmonix was going to be there that decided our fate. From the second we arrived in Las Vegas, our minds wanted to be synthesized. Our trip did not include gambling of any sort, however it did consist of everything PlayStation and Amplitude! We made it to Las Vegas! A view from the strip. A cool waterfall I saw, and I thought, hey, take a picture of this waterfall! Arrival Being in a new city with no form of transportation made me nervous but it actually didn't take us long to find the building where the event was being held after asking a few pedestrians. Once inside, we were completely lost all over again. Out of the blue, a gang of men wearing PlayStation shirts appeared and we followed them in the correct direction. We were surprised to see a sea of gamers filling the lobby. After an hour or so of waiting in line, we finally reached the futuristic PlayStation terminal where we received our wristbands. We later found out if you were one of the first 100 people, you would receive a gold wristband to pre-order the 20th edition PS4, sadly we were not a part of that group. This was a view of the conference! This is just one of the the amazing views inside the PSX! Absorbing the atmosphere! After attending the conference, which took place in an underground futuristic rave-like warehouse and absorbing our new habitat for the next two days, we finally unlocked the Amplitude arena. We were greeted by a brilliant poster display of the future art to expect from the game as we approached. This was immediate cause for jaw-dropping and eye-bulging to occur. The Amplitude booth was already in full effect with new and old FreQs joining in on the games. Among the FreQs present, were DJ ROBB and the Harmonix team consisting of Alex Rigopolus, Annette, Pope and Nick. It was amazing to meet all of these Super FreQs in person, but more amazing was experiencing the new Amplitude with them! The...
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