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  • E3E streams FreQ and Amp and talks about remixing!

    Hey guys! I'm not really much of a streamer, though I do intend to change that eventually, but this is just for fun for now! I'm hosting a stream where...
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  • EthanE3Eves
    started a topic E3E's Remix Repository!

    E3E's Remix Repository!

    Hey guys! Tis I, EthanE3Eves, though I mainly go by E3E these days. I was a dumb kid when I stole Ethan Eves name from Frequency, much to the ire of Acidic...
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  • Prepare to be "Synthesized!"

    Prepare to be "Synthesized!"

    We have all been begging to be "Synthesized" since we heard about the Amplitude Kickstarter and now it will happen soon! An all new version of "Synthesized" by Symbion Project will be featured in the new Amplitude! We cannot contain our excitement for this news and hope you are excited too! Symbion Project announced the new Amplitude news during the Freezepop show at PAX Prime this past weekend. For those that didn't attend PAX Prime the news was revealed on Symbion Project's Facebook page. "Synthesized" was in the original Amplitude for the PlayStation 2 and is composed by Symbion Project. If you have not listened to this song yet check it out below! ...
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  • Callin' All FreQs! - FreQuency Confessions

    Callin' All FreQs! - FreQuency Confessions

    Callin' All FreQs! Hey everyone we are starting a new segment for the FreQCast! It is titled "Callin' All FreQs!" In this segment we will ask you a question and you will have a chance to answer this question by leaving a voicemail. We will then play your voicemail on our next FreQCast. In order to leave a voicemail call AmplitudeOnline on Skype and just answer the question! You can choose to be anonymous, state your FreQ name, or make up a new name! We plan on posting a new FreQCast this weekend so get your voicemails in by Friday at 11:59 PST. The question this time is: "What are your FreQuency and Amplitude Confessions?" Tell us about any extreme or awkward moments that you have had playing FreQuency or Amplitude. I have provided an example below! Have fun! ...
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  • Frequency Friday: It's the end of your world!!!!!!

    Frequency Friday: It's the end of your world!!!!!!

    Welcome to another edition of Frequency Fridays! Join DJ KNAI as he tackles one of the most difficult songs on Frequency! Can he do it? Watch the video to find out! What is up everyone? DJ KNAI here back again with another episode of Frequency Fridays! By request, I take on two "secret" songs on the game "Luge Crash" by Surgecore, and "End of your world" by Robotkid and Intersekt (He spells it a little more weird in the game but this will do). As you know, These songs are not for the faint of heart, but they are great songs to jam to! A shoutout to one of my Youtube Subs by the name of musicgenerator for requesting these! It was blast to play these for you gu...
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