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  • AmpliTuesday - Bootleg Online Multiplayer?

    AmpliTuesday - Bootleg Online Multiplayer?

    What is going on, everyone!! This is DJKNAI and I'm back with the NEW Amplitude HD: A Cult Classic Reborn by Harmonix!!! I play two songs from the game and discuss some topics! Hope you enjoy it and don't forget to like comment and subscribe!

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  • AmpliTuesday!!!!!!


    Welcome Freqs! Here is another Amplituesday episode for you to enjoy! DJ KNAI takes us through one song on insane and an INSANE mix!

    What up!!! DJ KNAI here, and thanks for checking out another AmpliTuesday episode! In this episode I play P!NK's "Respect" and Spider by FREQ: Zero-x. I hope you enjoy this episode! Peace, Love, and Music - DJ KNAI

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  • AmpliTuesday: DJ KNAI plays an Oldie but a goodie!!!!!!

    AmpliTuesday: DJ KNAI plays an Oldie but a goodie!!!!!!

    Here is the next episode of AmpliTuesday! DJ KNAI plays a mix that very well praised in the Fr3q community. Which one is it? Click to find out!!! What is up everyone? DJ KNAI back with another AmpliTuesday video! In this one I touch upon various topics. I play Slipknot's "I am Hated", and I play a mix that is very well a FR3Q favorite, and was in the top 5 mixes ranked list on for a LONG time. I bring you, SNES MELTDOWN . Kick back and Enjoy and feel free to leave any feedback! Peace, Love, and Music - DJ KNAI ...
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  • AmpliTuesday - What in the world is a KNAI???

    AmpliTuesday - What in the world is a KNAI???

    Calling all FR3QS!!!! AmpliTuesday is here and DJ KNAI is our guide through some more rocking songs and mixes that is surely going to make you FR3Q OUT!!! What's going on fellow FR3QS? Welcome to another AmpliTuesday! In this episode, I discuss the origin of my name "DJ KNAI" and also show the mix behind the name. The songs and mixes show in the episode are "Robot Rockerz" - Komputer Kontroller, "U R A NOOB KNAI" - by Freq: YOUR MOM, and "Oddness" - by Freq - Modo. Come chill and enjoy your stay and leave some feedback or ideas for future episodes! And as always, Thank you all for the support! Peace, Love, and Music - DJKNAI ...
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  • AmpliTuesday - Custom Songs: A Glimpse at Amplitude's Difficulty

    AmpliTuesday - Custom Songs: A Glimpse at Amplitude's Difficulty

    Hello FreQ's! AmpliTuesday is back with Mekon's "What's Going On?", and a crazy difficult "Synthesized" custom track called "You're Mine". We take a look at Amplitude's true difficulty with custom songs. Can DJ KNAI complete the song? Watch the video to find out!

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  • AmpliTuesday is back!!

    AmpliTuesday is back!!

    Back during the Amplitude kickstarter campaign Harmonix created #AmpliTuesday to increase campaign awareness of Amplitude on Tuesdays, and we would like to bring back AmpliTuesdays. We couldn’t think of a better way to bring the excitement of Amplitude to fans than to have DJ KNAI play some FreQuency and Amplitude for you! We have enjoyed watching DJ KNAI’s twitch stream as well as his weekly youtube videos of FreQuency and Amplitude and think you will too!! Without further ado here is a note from DJ KNAI: What is going on, Fr3Qs?? DJ KNAI here, and it’s my absolute pleasure to present the first AmpliTuesday video from my YouTube Channel! With all the excitement from the reboot, we are set to getting everyone even more pumped and gaining more fans by presenting these AmpliTuesday and Frequency Friday videos! What? I didn’t mention there were Frequency videos too? I’m sorry………..Ahem….THERE ARE FREQUENCY VIDEOS TOO!!!!!! Check them out and let’s get hyped! Special thanks to Resetti, and Peach for allowing me to contribute to this site. You guys ROCK! Peace, Love and Music.– DJ KNAI If you would like to keep up with DJ KNAI’s Amplitude and FreQuency videos subscribe to his youtube page and twitch here. ...
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