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  • Amplitude Unleashed! Peach's PSX Review

    Amplitude Unleashed! Peach's PSX Review

    Attending the PlayStation Experience was a dream come true. This was an amazing event and even more so because I was able to experience the new Amplitude first-hand! Mr. Resetti and I debated on going for a few weeks. Ultimately, it was the fact that Harmonix was going to be there that decided our fate. From the second we arrived in Las Vegas, our minds wanted to be synthesized. Our trip did not include gambling of any sort, however it did consist of everything PlayStation and Amplitude! We made it to Las Vegas! A view from the strip. A cool waterfall I saw, and I thought, hey, take a picture of this waterfall! Arrival Being in a new city with no form of transportation made me nervous but it actually didn't take us long to find the building where the event was being held after asking a few pedestrians. Once inside, we were completely lost all over again. Out of the blue, a gang of men wearing PlayStation shirts appeared and we followed them in the correct direction. We were surprised to see a sea of gamers filling the lobby. After an hour or so of waiting in line, we finally reached the futuristic PlayStation terminal where we received our wristbands. We later found out if you were one of the first 100 people, you would receive a gold wristband to pre-order the 20th edition PS4, sadly we were not a part of that group. This was a view of the conference! This is just one of the the amazing views inside the PSX! Absorbing the atmosphere! After attending the conference, which took place in an underground futuristic rave-like warehouse and absorbing our new habitat for the next two days, we finally unlocked the Amplitude arena. We were greeted by a brilliant poster display of the future art to expect from the game as we approached. This was immediate cause for jaw-dropping and eye-bulging to occur. The Amplitude booth was already in full effect with new and old FreQs joining in on the games. Among the FreQs present, were DJ ROBB and the Harmonix team consisting of Alex Rigopolus, Annette, Pope and Nick. It was amazing to meet all of these Super FreQs in person, but more amazing was experiencing the new Amplitude with them! The...
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  • My PlayStation Experience Was Beyond Awesome, It Was Incredible!

    My PlayStation Experience Was Beyond Awesome, It Was Incredible!

    Originally my friend was supposed to go to the PlayStation Experience, but he backed out to go to a Thanksgiving dinner in Victorville. What’s worse about him not going is that I bought the tickets for him. I asked my sis if she would like to go, and of course she said yes. She ended up giving the tickets to my brother because she said he’d enjoy it more. He most definitely enjoyed it a lot. As long as I had my ticket, nothing was going to stop me from going. As I arrived the lines were moving quickly (well not that fast but fast to where I didn’t have to complain about it.) I watched the previews for about twenty minutes and I started seeing people rush in to check out the games. My bro and I rushed in along with them to get the fun started. Other people were still watching the previews while we were already playing the games. The Amplitude panel was all that I was looking for. When I found them I think I was the first one there. While I was playing Amplitude, I questioned Annette's cute self about the game and she spoke quite well for her team and for Amplitude itself. Although she said there will not be a remix mode, due to funds, my hope is higher th...
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  • The Wait Is Over! Resetti's PSX Review

    The Wait Is Over! Resetti's PSX Review

    I had the opportunity to go to Las Vegas so that I could try the new Amplitude at the inaugural PlayStation Experience event. It was very important for me to attend this event because I have been waiting for a new Amplitude game for over ten years now and wanted to learn as much as I could about it. The Harmonix team, DJ ROBB and I! The excitement I have for the new Amplitude steadily increases every time I read about a new backer update or see a new video of Ryan Lesser demonstrating the features of the game. I practiced FreQuency and Amplitude for a couple of weeks before venturing off to PSX so that I could be better prepared for what the developers had in store for everyone. As Peach and I arrived we waited in long lines to receive our tickets to enter the floor. When we entered the PlayStation keynote was already underway. We waited patiently and learned about the amazing new games that are in development and coming soon. Some of the titles we found to be interesting were Uncharted 4, Until Dawn, and Gang Beasts just to name a few. After the keynote finished our first mission was to find the Amplitude booth. The PlayStation Experience floor was so big it took a good twenty-five minutes to find the Amplitude booth. As we arrived in our matching Run DMC ...
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