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  • Interview with Harmonix

    This interview is mainly focused on Rock Band, but there was a question about Amplitude. Josh and Criss are members of the community team at Harmonix.

    Dillon: Okay, so a couple of community questions now. Amplitude. How did the launch go, and what are your future plans for it?

    Criss: People. Want. More! I think it went well, and we’ve seen a large call out for DLC or an expansion to the game. So it’s good to know we have a call for more content.

    Josh: So it launched in January last year, so over a year ago. And it was really well received from the crowd that wanted it, but it is still a niche crowd. I saw a petition going around asking for DLC. And it’s difficult to justify DLC for a game that has such a niche crowd.

    Criss: And it’s not like we can jump straight into making DLC. We don’t own the IP. We have to pitch to Sony to get approval.

    Josh: it’s a difficult project to work on because Sony owns the IP.

    Criss: I love Amplitude, for what it’s worth. Being able to play beat match games on a controller breaks down some of the accessibility barriers our games have, but we have to be realistic about some of these projects.