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possible return of amp online via new ps2 servers?

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  • possible return of amp online via new ps2 servers?

    so a recent video on youtube sparked an idea in my mind:

    this is a guide to connect to a new star wars battlefronts server. it uses the same DNS method as SOCOM.

    this got me thinking: would using the IP/DNS listed THERE work on AMPLITUDE??

    i have not tested this, and am not sure if i will be able to. if someone could look into this, that would be amazing.

    there are apparetly two ips:

    and a EU one:

    i give great thanks to whoever can test this, even if it doesn't work.

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    Wish I could try it but I don't think I have anything necessary to play a PS2 online I played some Wii games online after the online discontinuation on similar custom servers, and it's wonderful seeing people do the same thing for other consoles. Hoping that some day every online-capable system has their own permanent servers by players.


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      I saw another video mentioning something about this only being possible with games powered by GameSpy. I know basically nothing about this, though. I could try this, but I don't have an ethernet cable.